Karaoke is serious business in Vietnam, much lượt thích elsewhere in Asia. And much lượt thích in many parts of Asia, it is sometimes a front for prostitution. The scam here is you will be offered female companion for the sole purpose of inflating your bill with over-priced drinks, food, and of course companionship. You may even be propositioned for more than companionship, but end up getting little more than additional inflated charges. Even at legitimate establishments, you may find that there are separate rooms offering female companionship with their rooms, side-by-side with rooms serving families with kids!

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For almost 4,000,000 VND (almost $200) I had a few beers & some food with a friend with a couple of hostesses for about an hour. This is before tipping. We had to tip each girl 1 million more (for which they gave us a disappointing face). Not only that, but we were also pressured lớn tip the manager 500K and the waiter another 500K. All in total, we spent 7,000,000 VND for one hour of companionship plus a bowl of “soup óc heo,” which is pig brain soup! We didn’t even eat the food that THE GIRLS had ordered (1 platter of fruits, pig brain soup, và duck feet). We didn’t sing, just really sat there lớn listen lớn the girls sing. So no singing, no eating, và the companionship sucked. 7 million well spent.

A little bit of background here. Karaoke bars are often a place where business people come lớn finalize business deals. In Asian business culture, wrapping up a deal in a karaoke room makes a lot of sense. Eating, drinking, và singing together brings people together and creates trust. It’s a big part of entertaining clients. Plus, unlike most of us, many everyday people in Asia can sing!

It is these establishments that cater to businessmen that often lead khổng lồ confusion for many foreigners. Just because you were taken lớn a private room và asked khổng lồ choose from a lineup of young, beautiful, and tightly dressed women, does not mean they are sex workers. & some may indeed be sex workers for the local businessmen, but many places will not reveal themselves khổng lồ strangers và certainly not lớn foreigners, so you would be paying for nothing more than watching girls sing & ordering food on your tab.



I am a regular solo traveler to lớn Vietnam. Lượt thích many, my first few experiences in Vietnam were frustrating & unfruitful. Were it not for my love for the natural beauty & grace of the average Vietnamese woman, I would have easily decided to never return. But I was lucky và received regular tips from a friend that knew the landscape more intimately than I did. Now I am here lớn pass along what I have learned and discovered through the years.

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